MS-168 Ozone Sprayer







* The powerful 3-in-1 cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing water is generated within 60 seconds and can be used on nearly any surface.



* Turn tap water into an extraordinary cleaner that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


 1) Spray High-concentration (over 2.0 ppm) of ozone water.

 2) Women's private parts clean and sanitation, use ozone water to sterilize, clean without chemical risk and save money.

 3) Clean baby items – sanitize bottles and wash children’s toys.

 4) kitchen cleaning and clean sinks and drains – sanitize your sink and prevent foul odor build up.

 5) Wash fruits and vegetables – remove pesticides and kill bacteria, vegetables & fruit cleaning eat safety.

 6) Itching and swollen the bites by Mosquito or insects.

 7) Pet Shower eliminates odor and bacteria as you wash!

 8) Dentures clean and teeth whitening Remove tartar Eliminate oral odor.

 9) Ozone can decompose bad smell, musty of bathroom and toilet, It is with sterilization, bright white, clean, decontamination.

10) Ozone kills corona


11) Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 272mm 


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