BT-117 Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker with alarm clock 


Dual Pairing Wireless Speaker Bluetooth: Connect 2 speakers together, they would play together at the same time!



Bluetooth 5.0 can quickly and stably connect to all Bluetooth enabled devices, up to 10 meters. 



Designed with highly efficient drivers, less than 1% harmonic distortion ensures enhanced clarity and fidelity. 

Ensure music full of your home.



Easy to use silent analog alarm clock non-ticking, beep sounds, snooze function.









* High-quality speakers deliver crystal clear sound and well-defined bass

* Easy access 4 buttons to play/pause, volume up/down, pairing mode

* Powerful 4W amplified speaker

* Frequency Response 80HZ - 20KHZ 

* S/N Ratio:

* Charging Time: 1.5 To 2 Hours

* Power Input : DC 5V 1A

* Playing Time: 5 To 6 Hours


* Dimensions: 185 X 185 X 95mm

* Accessory: USB
charging cable

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