MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispensers 









1) With the MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispensers, you can have clean, healthy drinking water for a year.

   It is the world's first water dispenser that works indoors and outdoors.

   It can handle up to 10,000 liters(2,641 gallons) of water filtration.



2) The MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispensers is easy to install and carry, ideal for families, renters, or outdoor picnic, camping activities.


3) The pump filtration system of the MS-222 indoor and outdoor water dispenser can be used to filter various outdoor water sources.

     Such as streams, wells, mountain springs, etc. to provide safe and clean drinking water.



4) This MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispenser is equipped with a booster pump that can be directly connected to the faucet for indoor use. 
     It is suitable for areas where the water pressure is low, so you don't have to worry about insufficient water.


5) This MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispenser uses four filter elements:

     a 316 stainless steel mesh filter, a nano-silver activated carbon fiber filter, a hollow fiber membrane filter, and a medical stone filter.

     These filter elements can effectively remove pollutants in tap water pipes, such as heavy metals, residual chlorine, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, etc.


6) The first-stage connection (a 316 stainless steel mesh filter) can effectively remove pollutants from tap water pipes. 
    And regularly clean the 316 stainless steel mesh with tap water, and you can extend the product's life.



7) The second-stage includes three filters:

    a nano-silver-activated carbon fiber filter

    a hollow fiber membrane filter

    a medical stone filter

    Antibacterial chlorine removal, odor removal, 0.1 u micro-pore size water purification sterilization, and medical stone to improve taste


8) This innovative product allows you to enjoy safe and clean drinking water anytime, anywhere. It is not only convenient and practical but

     also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, reducing the use and waste of plastic bottles.


9) Since the MS-222 Indoor-Outdoor Water Dispensers can remove residual chlorine from tap water, they are also suitable for adding new water

     to fish tanks or providing drinking water for cats and dogs.



10) A total of 24 substances have been tested by SGS, and 99.99% of the pollutants in the water have been removed.



     (carbon tetrachloride),(cis-1,2-dichloroethene),(methylene chloride), (tetrachloroethene),(toluene),(trans-1,2-dichloroethene),

     (trichloroethylene), (vinyl chloride), (xylene).


11) One button to water: Just press the button and you can get the water quickly. Press the button again to turn off the water flow.


12) Press once and the pumping time is 60 seconds, it will stop automatically. No worry about forgetting to turn off water pump.


13)  USB charging: It has a built-in high-capacity battery for fast charging and long life.


14) Fits standard kitchen and bathroom faucets.

15) Connects to a 1/4-inch by 1-meter LLDPE tube.

16) 1/4-inch Diverter and Universal Adapter included.


17) Taiwan Patent No. M639222


18) Size: 108(W) x 108(D) x 432(H)mm.   


19) Weight: 1,250 G 




  9 + 15 substances analytical reports





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