MS-128 Ozone Pen  










* Turn tap water into an extraordinary cleaner that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

The powerful 3-in-1 cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing water is generated within 60 seconds
and can be used on nearly any surface.

* World's smallest and unique portable Ozone water generator, pen size, easy to carry.

* Can kill 99.95% known virus in the world and degrade toxicity od pesticides. 

  Can perfectly clean fresh food.





01. Ozone kills corona virus.

02. Tonsillitis inflammation, throat inflammation, etc., Ozone water has a strong penetration can quickly complete the effect of sterilization. 

03. Ozone water can replace the artificial cleanser, reduce the use of it to protect the environmental, increasing safety and health. 

04. Use Ozone water to wash fresh fruit and vegetable could greatly increase their preservation. 

05. After sterilization by Ozone water the meat increase its preservation and extend the shelf life. 

06. Cutlery, rag and scrub are no longer oily sticky smell. 

07. Stab wounds, abrasions, burns with ozone water rinse the wound healing fast. 

08. Use ozone water when mouthwash and brush your teeth can prevent dental calculus and periodontal disease, if you already have periodontal 

       disease it could be improved.


09. Bad breath and oral hygiene no need to use chemical mouthwash, use the Ozone Water. Improving environmental health and safety, bad breath 

       missing and teeth fresh whitening. 


10. Mask paper soaked in Ozone water then attaining for skinexfoliating, keep clean, sterilization and environmental health, no chemical risk and save        money. 


11. Women's private parts clean and sanitation, the use of Ozone Water sterilization and clean. Keep environmental health, no chemical risk and 

       save money.


12. Children with diaper rash, do not use ointment, use Ozone water wash it, it would be naturally healed. 

13. Disinfection hand sanitizer, the use of Ozone Water cleaning and sterilization, keep environmental safety and health, can prevent enterovirus, 

       MERS and other viral infections. There is no risk of chemicals to save money. 


14. Elderly people wash dentures, use of ozone water cleaning sterilization. Slow down gingival recession. safe and environmentally friendly.


15. Body odor, eczema, athlete’s feet and other skin diseases using Ozone Wash will be significantly improved.



16. Body soak in the ozone water, the acupoints of various parts of the body could be activated because of oxygen absorption can quickly  

       eliminate   fatigue, especially for the patients with skin diseases. Bath in the ozone water could get the additional treatment. 


17. Ozone can decompose bad smell, smoke smell, musty of bedroom, living room, refrigerator, clothing room, bathroom, toilet and other space. 

       Space can be sterilized, so that home dust mites, molds, bacteria is not easy to breed and create quality without living space. 

18. Ozone water has a strong cleaning and sterilization, it can replace water pipes chemical drain cleaner, clean and keep environmental health.

19. Ozone generated in the water decomposition of hydrogen radicals have a strong oxidizing power, the iron, manganese, odor, bacteria, 

       viruses in the water can quickly cleared 

20. Ozone producer makes smaller water molecules and increase oxygen content, so that the taste of water become sweet. besides, chlorine in  

       the water or trihalomethanes can also be eliminated by the effectiveness of ozone. 

21. Skin metabolism is mainly by the blood of nutrients and oxygen supply of the blood. If skin's stratum corneum is too thick could cause all kinds 

       of bacterial reproduction. In light affect the skin's appearance and skin aging. In severe cases can cause various skin lesions. Ozone has 

       a sterilization,   disinfection, deodorization and decompositionof dirt,  the aging of the skin can be quickly replaced, gradually restore the 

       normal function of the skin.                              

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