MS-3088   MP3 Doorbell

Record your own Ding-Dong.


Add New Sounds Whenever You Want.


Welcoming Sights, Welcoming Sounds!





  •  On our mobile phone we have custom ringtones, so why shouldn't our doorbells as well?   Sorry, "Ding-Dong" - is out!

  •  Any time someone presses that little button by your front door the MP3 Doorbell will "RING" using the sound you have selected.

  •  How to trigger the MP3 Doorbell: connect AC12V ~ AC24V to the wire clips on top of the MP3 Doorbell through push button.

  •  It first connects to your computer via USB (cable included) and will store any  WAV or MP3 sound clip that you wish to use.                                                                      

  •  The MP3 Doorbell replaces your current doorbell and allows you to play your favorite sound, music, audio clips.              

  •  No more fixed doorbell sounds, users can change it anytime and as many times as they wish! 

  •  Then disconnect it from your computer and attach it to your existing doorbell wiring.

  •  Connect quickly to the existing doorbell wires running to your doorbell. 

  •  Press the push button to trigger the MP3 Doorbell for playback.

  •  Diameter 77mm 3-watt speaker with excellent sound quality. 

  •  Users need a PC running Windows 7 / 8 /10 with USB port.

  •  Doorbell software is compatible with Windows only.

  •  Standard length of recording is around 70 seconds. 

  •  Powered by three AA batteries (not included).

  •  Size: 120 (W) x 120 (H) x 55 (D) mm.

Please download the Doorbell writer software from:

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