ACT-505 Alkaline Battery Charger


Digital Alkaline/Universal Battery Charger!





          NOW YOU CAN:

          -  Keep batteries fresh and ready to provide power.


          -  Save money by recharging batteries and safely extending  their useful life.

          -  Lower the amount of batteries entering landfills and their impact on our environment.



  •  Applicable to AA and AAA Alkaline, Carbon Zing, Lithium and Ni-MH / Ni-CD batteries. 

  •  Individual charge circuit for each battery to be charged, and it is able to charge up to four Batteries at the same time.

  •  Safety charging time (3 hours automatic cut-off) for Alkaline battery.

  •  Detect charging situation, automatically cut off system after charging completes.

  •  Automatic cut-off system when batteries fall off.

  •  Fool-proof against misplacement of batteries in wrong poles.

  •  Can charge the different size, element, capacity battery mixed at the same time.

  •  The un-rechargeable battery could be recharged by ACT- 505 are: Alkaline, Carbon Zing, Lithium

  •  Universal voltage range: AC100V~240V.

  •  Easy LED indicators.

  •  Output voltage: 1.7V *  4

  •  Maximum output current: 200mA * 4

  •  Dimension: (LX W X H) 105 * 65  * 26 mm.

  •  CE (EMC), LVD, FCC, PSE, ROHS, KTL, PSE certificated.

  •  Best cost performance for the universal battery charger.       

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